Awareness to Action Approach to the Enneagram International Certification Program – USA

The AWARENESS TO ACTION APPROACH TO THE ENNEAGRAM International Certification Program will take place in Washington from Non 7th to 12th , 2016
• The Enneagram as Nine Strategies
• Working with the Instincts and Subtypes
• Creating Change through the Awareness to Actions Process
• Practical Applications in a Workshop Setting
• Advanced Concepts: Core Qualities and Accelerators
• Guided Exercises and Independent Study

We all know the Enneagram is a powerful tool for understanding ourselves and others, and for aiding in the work we do with clients as coaches, consultants, therapists, and counselors. But it can be a complicated tool to teach to others, and many struggle with how to present the system in a way that is robust but easy to understand. The Awareness to Action Approach to the Enneagram helps to solve this dilemma. Based on Mario Sikora™ over 15 years of experience as an executive coach and consultant to leaders around the world, this program teaches a model of the Enneagram that is clear, pragmatic, and precise.
It is simple without being simplistic; easy-to-use while going deep.

This approach starts with five simple concepts—the three instinctual biases; the nine strategies, core qualities, and accelerators; and the Awareness to Action Process—that can be taught and applied in a short time but can also be used to weave a tapestry of life-long learning. Participants in this program will explore the 27 subtypes, as a combination of the strategies and instinctual biases, and will learn to create a robust developmental plan for themselves or for their clients.

While the model was originally developed for work with clients in organizations, the system is useful for spiritual and psychological work as well.

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