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María José Munita

Maria Jose Munita is vice president of Awareness to Action International and an executive coach who has worked on leadership development and team effectiveness with clients from industries such as construction, pharmaceuticals, mining, advertising agencies, banking and non-profits.

After earning a degree in Economics and Business Administration, Maria Jose worked for Shell Chile and Southern Africa and Banco BCI for many years, holding positions in Marketing, Planning, and Human Resources. She then decided to follow her passion on personal and professional development and became certified as an ontological coach by The Newfield Network, and certified as an Enneagram teacher.

She is also partner of Enneagram Learning International, which provides Enneagram-based training and certification programs for HR and OD professionals, coaches, consultants, therapists, and the general public.
María José is the 2013/14 president of the board of directors of the International Enneagram Association, which has affiliates and chapters in 21 countries. She lives in Santiago de Chile, with her husband and daughters.

She can be reached at mariajose@enneagramlearning.com;  Twitter @mjmunita


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