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Instinctual Leadership Workshop April 2-3, Near Brussels

Instinctual Leadership FBInstinctual Leadership


A Two-Day Workshop on The Instinctual Subtypes and Leadership

with Mario Sikora and Maria Jose Munita

Brussels, Belgium. April 2 and 3, 2016.

What’s your leadership style? Or your client’s?

Preserving? Navigating? Transmitting?

What are the implications?

In this two-day program you will get a good understanding of the three instinctual domains—Preserving, Navigating, and Transmitting—through the lens of evolutionary psychology that puts them into modern and practical context. You will learn how the three instinctual biases influence leadership and how leaders (and those who work with them) can grow from this deeper understanding of the Enneagram.

We will explore the 27 subtypes—the intersection of the three instinctual biases (what we value) and the nine strategies or Ennea-types (how we satisfy those values).

Who would benefit from attending this program?

Individuals who want to improve their performance at work or become more effective in any area of their lives; leaders who seek a better understanding of themselves, their people, or the dynamics of their teams; coaches; consultants; and human-resource and organizational-development professionals who want to add a highly useful new tool to their repertoire.

Mario Sikora has developed these ideas over the course of nearly two decades of working with the Enneagram in organizations of all sizes on multiple continents. He has identified persistent patterns in the way we express the instinctual biases in the workplace, and these insights form the core of his work in organizations. Along with his co-presenter, Maria Jose Munita, he will share these insights with participants who want to take their understanding of and work with the Enneagram to new heights.

The instinctual subtypes are an area of great interest to Enneagram practitioners, but many people are not sure how to use them effectively in a corporate environment. This program helps solve that problem—providing an insightful and original approach to the subtypes that is simple and immediately useful.

The program will be in English.

For more information, contact us at info@awarenesstoaction.com.

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