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Knowing Better: Bringing Discernment, Logic, and Science to the Path (IEA Pre-conference Event)

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I’m extremely honored to be co-delivering the pre-conference session with Russ Hudson and Jack Killen at the 2016 IEA Global Conference in Minneapolis in July. The pre-conference day is July 21 and the conference runs from July 22 to 24. The conference is always a great opportunity to meet like-minded people from across the globe and to hear and meet the finest Enneagram teachers in the world.

Here is the description of the program:

Knowing Better: Bringing Discernment, Logic, and Science to the Path

IEA Global Conference 2016

Pre-Conference Event

With Russ Hudson, Jack Killen, and Mario Sikora

The great spiritual traditions, philosophy, and science all share a deep understanding that the human mind is both marvelous and susceptible to illusion. Recognizing this, all three cultivate and employ practices, tools, and methods intended to help us avoid a variety of hidden processes which get in the way of clear, accurate, and receptive understanding. The Enneagram is one such tool. By revealing often unconscious patterns of thinking, feeling, and behavior, it helps us see ourselves and others more objectively, and be in the world more as it actually is rather than as it seems.

At the same time, we must remember that elucidation of the Enneagram and its applications is a work in progress. As such, our understanding of both the teachings and our experiences working with them are subject to the innate fallibilities of the human mind. As a community of seekers we should care deeply about how well we actually know what we believe we know about the Enneagram, both for the sake of the body of Enneagram wisdom itself, and how it is perceived and received by others. In Enneagram circles, this is seen as the work of the “head center” and it is important work for all nine personality types if we wish to be truly whole.

Drawing from their personal and professional backgrounds, Russ Hudson, Mario Sikora, and Jack Killen will explore this matter in depth. Through conversations with each other and with the audience, they will explore the value, importance, and proper place of spiritual, philosophical, and scientific perspectives and methods of discernment to our work on the paths of self-development and spiritual growth. Further, the presenters will show how the head center’s capacities can deepen and expand through practices, just as in the belly center and the heart center, and that such capacities are vital for any authentic spiritual journey, as well as for the creation of lives and organizations that serve our most heartfelt sense of purpose.

The session will include group exercises as attendees have conversations with each other about how to integrate new ideas and develop this aspect of the work of perceiving reality clearly, and freeing ourselves from the traps of the human mind.


For more information about the conference or to register, click here.

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  1. Mark Rockliff says:

    Will the conference de recorded or will it be posable to join as a viewing participant via the Internet.

    If copes of the conference will be for sale Please contact me so as I maybe able to witness the event via aditiry or vidio production.

    Thank you


    Mark A Rockliff

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