Awareness To Action

Our name says it all: Awareness to Action International is an international consulting group that helps our clients develop the kind of practical self-awareness to leads to effective action. Our consultants come from a wide variety of industry backgrounds, from international banking to publishing, giving us a unique breadth and depth of experience. We work with organizations of all sizes—from small regional companies to non-profits to multibillion-dollar international corporations. We have experience working with leaders and teams on five continents and bring a multi-cultural mindset to our engagements.

We are proud of the results we deliver to our clients, and we take pride in the fact that we are always learning from our clients, developing our own awareness and insights so we can help you thrive in an ever-changing and ever-more challenging marketplace.

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The Enneagram

The consultants at Awareness to Action International (ATAI) began using the Enneagram in their work with clients nearly two decades ago. Over that time they have built up unparalleled expertise in how the Enneagram can be used by professionals who want to help their clients grow. Demand for this expertise led to the creation of Enneagram Learning International (ELI) a division of ATAI that focuses on providing Enneagram training to professional users of all types. Our training programs are attended by consultants, trainers, coaches, therapists and other professionals seeking cutting-edge insights for getting fast results.