The Awareness to Action Approach

Successful people, teams, and organizations share one thing: the ability to adapt to the changing demands of their environment rather than staying stuck in comforting but outdated patterns.

Helping our clients to continually improve this ability to adapt is at the heart of all our programs and services. Each of our engagements, whether with an individual, team or a whole company, is built upon a simple-but-robust three-part framework: Awareness, Authenticity, and Action.


“Awareness” has a few components: We have to increase our capability for self-observation in real-time. We have to become skillful in observing our habitual patterns and learn to discriminate between when those habits are effective and when they are ineffective. We have to learn to set specific and targeted goals for change.

Foto Authenticity pequeña

“Authenticity” is aligning our view of the world with the reality of the world. It is the process of challenging our assumptions and identifying the conflicting commitments that arise out of any attempt to change. We help our clients resolve those conflicts through reshaping their narratives and redefining their internal strategies in ways that allow them to overcome obstacles to growth. This step is the most important part of change initiative, and it is often the most overlooked.


Finally, taking “Action” enables us to adopt new behaviors by strategically practicing them in a deliberate way. Such practice enables the new behavior to take root in the synapses of the brain (or culture of a team), ultimately becoming habitual. It reinforces the new narrative; creates new, more-effective habits; and allows us to adapt to the challenges of new circumstances.