The Personalities at Work Program

Personality conflicts can become heightened during stressful times. Our “Personalities at Work” program can help you address them so your people can concentrate on business.


About the Program

The Personalities at Work program enables groups to improve communication and cooperation, reduce conflict, and increase appreciation for diversity by exploring the nine personality styles found in the workplace. While we work with our clients to design a program that meets their specific needs, a typical program is described below.

Part One: The Nine Personality Styles

During the first phase of the program, participants learn about their personality style through the combination of a written assessment, small-group exercises, and an introduction to the Enneagram model of personality styles. This session focuses on the motivations and typical behaviors of each personality type, along with topics such as what each type likes and dislikes in others, how they approach problem solving, how they frustrate other people, etc. Participants also learn about typical performance roadblocks for their personality types and learn strategies for overcoming them.

Part Two: Effective Teams

The second part of the program focuses on applying the understanding of the personality styles to interactions with others. Blind spots and defensive routines of each personality type and their impact on work relationships are identified, and simple exercises for overcoming these issues are conducted. Techniques for effectively communicating to the nine personality types and guidelines for building cooperation among team members are provided.

Personalities at Work is based on the groundbreaking book, Awareness to Action: The Enneagram, Emotional Intelligence and Change by Robert Tallon and Mario Sikora. This program has been used by companies around the world and is ideal for any group that wants to increase its ability to work and communicate together effectively.

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