Awareness to Action

Leaders today–and the teams they lead–must be agile and adaptable, constantly adjusting to the changing demands of a competitive global landscape. Our clients come to us to help them meet those changing demands–to prepare for new career challenges, to create or adapt to cultural change, to understand the forces that may be holding them back. We do this by, first, helping them transform their habitual patterns of thought, feeling, and action. Then we help them develop and implement practical strategies and precise action plans that allow them to meet any challenge that comes their way.

The Enneagram model of personality style is at the heart of many of Awareness to Action International’s programs and services. The Enneagram helps our clients build the practical self-awareness that is critical for creating lasting change. While there are many models available for understanding personality styles, none surpass the Enneagram’s effectiveness in providing the kind of awareness of oneself and others that provide the necessary foundation for change. While there are others who use the Enneagram in organizations, none can match the experience of our consultants in working with–and getting results in–organizations of all sizes throughout the world.

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Awareness To Action