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The Transmitting Seven: Excited Transmitting

Here is the latest in my descriptions of the 27 subtypes of the Enneagram. This time I describe the Transmitting Seven. T7 ATAI

Overview: T7s express the instinctive behaviors related to attracting and bonding through a strategy of striving to feel excited. Like all Transmitters, they are instinctively attuned to understanding how to position themselves to be noticed by others and how to make an impact. T7s achieve these ends by maintaining high-energy and enthusiasm, constantly searching for opportunities that will be fun and challenging, and finding ways to entertain themselves and those around them. Both the strategy (striving to feel excited) and the instinctual bias (transmitting) have an element of assertiveness and high energy, so T7s are among the most active and seemingly extroverted of the 27 profiles. T7s are often like a ball of energy, always moving, talking, or thinking about something they could be doing. They are often charming and engaging, focusing on a myriad of possibilities and options, but they can also be overwhelming to those with less energy and frustrating to those who seek consistency in planning. They are usually highly verbal, loving to tell stories and entertain others but they can struggle to listen without interruption when the other person does not match their pace, something that few people can achieve.

At work: T7s thrive as salespeople and entrepreneurs, and can struggle in a role that does not provide a lot of stimulation and variety. They can be visionary and highly creative, finding solutions to difficult problems that others have given up on. While they may have a short attention span in most situations, they love puzzles and problems to solve, seeking challenges that can help them focus and settle their restless minds. They see opportunity and possibility everywhere, and they want to grab on to each one. The downside can be that they get distracted easily, jumping after the next bright shiny object before the task at hand is completed. If they find someone interesting, they will display a lot of curiosity and ask a lot of questions, but they can become bored and disinterested quickly and revert to story-telling mode in an attempt to raise the energy level again.

Leadership Style: T7s can be highly energetic and motivating leaders, pointing to a goal and convincing everyone how fun the journey will be and how rewarding it will feel to reach the destination. They can charm and inspire at both the one-to-one and group level, and because their attitude is usually so positive, people what to help the T7 reach their goals. However, people can get frustrated at the T7s constant changes and impulses, feeling whipsawed from one direction or urgent priority to the next.

Working with T7s: At their best, T7s raise the spirits of those around them with their infectious energy, positive intentions, and good humor. They are the proverbial “life of the party“ that keep others entertained and in good humor. They can also become frustrating, however, if they don’t learn to manage their need to always be talking or doing something entertaining. They may disrupt others in an attempt to find stimulation, or become demanding if they feel the team’s vision is not grand enough. T7s function best when they are given challenging goals with a lot of variety and enough short-term wins along the way to keep them engaged.