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Study the Awareness to Action Enneagram™ in Paris!

Interested in a practical and dynamic approach to the Enneagram? Attend our certification program in Paris September 26-30.Flyer_Paris certification program

Learn the Awareness to Action Enneagram™, a model based on the experience of Mario Sikora’s 20 years of experience using the Enneagram in the business world. This pragmatic approach is simple and straightforward, while still being robust and applicable in multiple areas.


  • Introductory and advanced Enneagram concepts; the three Instinctive Biases, the nine Personality Styles, the 27 Subtypes in depth.
  • Applications for diagnostic and developmental activities at the individual, team and organizational levels, using tools designed by Awareness to Action for coaching and workshop facilitation.
  • Personality-style identification training.
  • How to generate an effective change in behavior using the Awareness to Action Process.
  • Final Certification Project that applies all the concepts put into practice with a client.

For additional information, see these FAQs; to registration information, click here.